TrueDark becomes Title Sponsor of C4 Madden NFL 19 Fall Series

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TrueDark becomes Title Sponsor of
C4 Madden NFL 19 Fall Series
New York, NY -September 7, 2018
TrueDark, the only 24-hour solution that protects your eyes from junk light, has teamed up with the Compete4ever Madden Series to help gamers and Madden NFL players elevate their game. By blocking the blue junk light from screens and monitors, players can increase their focus, play longer, reduce eyestrain, and sleep better.  With over 10 years of research, TrueDark’s patented and innovative glasses are the first and only eyewear to block out junk light which interrupts your sleep.  TrueDark glasses also let in the right amount of blue light you need to let you know it’s daytime to help you be more focused and energetic. CEO Jenna Keane said “This is a great opportunity for us to reach the Madden and gaming communities.  What many don’t realize is that spending time in front of screens when you’re young can lead to and accelerate eye problems as you age. Our goal is to raise more awareness about the junk light issue so people can continue to play the games they love.” 

C4 or Compete4ever is a company that has been involved in the gaming community for nearly 10 years, and a leader in the Madden NFL space as tournament organizers.  Led by partners Kevin Mamouzette and TV sportscaster Larry Ridley, they are the go to duo for Madden NFL related tournaments and championships.  Larry Ridley is a TV Anchor/Host at SNY-TV in Manhattan and CBS Sports Radio Anchor/Host, Larry was also the voice of the Madden NFL game for five years, spanning Madden 25, 15, 16, 17, and 18 games.  Teamming up with Larry on the broadcasts is Ahman Green, a former Nebraska Hall Of Famer, and Green Bay Packers Hall Of Fame Running Back, and Erik Coleman a former star Safety for the New York Jets.  Former News Reporter Donald Robinson is the Sideline Reporter.  All of C4 Madden NFL 19 Fall Series broadcasts will appear on  The Madden Fall Series consists of hundreds of players signing up every month on the tournament website at and competing in on-line qualifying tournaments for two weeks on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One, with the final four competitors coming to NYC to participate in the Live Finals.  The Live Events occur once a month from September through July, with the first Live Finals September 23rd at Buffalo Wild Wings Times Square in Manhattan.

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